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BCWA S4:E6 David Reimann talks with us about the details and facts when becoming an infection prevention expert

Becoming an Infection Prevention Expert starts with a positive proactive mindset. There are plenty of resources easily available to help schools get on the right track to be proactive and not reactive. Join us on this podcast as we discuss this topic further. Podcast Topic: The importance of being an Infection Prevention Expert at Schools. Every…

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BCWA S4:E5 Steve Prentice is here talking about technology, people and sales.

Steve Prentice is a speaker and writer who works in that murky space where people and technology try to co-exist. His background is in organizational psychology and project management, and for over 20 years he has helped people and their companies understand how to work with new technology and manage change. Steve says that fear…

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Floor savers strike again!

True Health, a regional healthcare facility recently installed new VCT flooring and the typical wisdom was to put down chair mats for the rolling office chairs. It was quickly noted that the mats moved on the VCT and they were not the best solution. After some consultation with the facility maintenance manager, it was suggested…

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Academy of Cleaning has a new podcast channel

The Academy has a new outlet for its’ podcasts, Beyond Clean With ACE. We have been on the air taping different messages from people around the country who have something to say.  As the Academy moves through the third season, we have found it beneficial for all if we have our own podcast channel. This…

ISSA Master Technician Class – 2019
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ISSA Master Technician Class – 2019

  Find the scheduled class which fits your time frame, HERE.

Business Growth Strategies for BSC’s
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Business Growth Strategies for BSC’s

Sharon Cowan has a series of upcoming courses she would like to tell you about. Subscribe to our blog Email Address * Sales and Marketing – Strategies the Work How to market in the 21st Century Effective messaging to your target Popular methods for attracting customers Financial Literacy – Understanding Financials # most important report…