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Southern ute indian tribe earns accredited healthy building status for 12 facilities

Turquoise Level

  • Properties & Facilities Building
  • Tribal Housing
  • Higher Education

Jade Level

  • Justice Center
  • Central Receiving
  • Medical Clinic
  • Moache-Capote Building
  • Museum
  • Sun Ute Community Center

Emerald Level

  • Leonard C. Burch Building
  • Multi-Purpose Building
  • Justice & Regulatory Administration

Has your building been verified as a healthy building for people to gather in?

Is your operation doing all it can to ensure a healthy indoor environment?

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Updated for 2021

The top three online courses for 2020 have just been updated for 2021.

Each of these courses now have over 5 hours of recorded LIVE instruction video from classes conducted by the director of the Academy.

While it is not the full experience of a hands-on class, you will now be able to get more insights into the meaning of the printed handbook for each course.

Accredited Infection Prevention Expert

Accredited Floor Care Expert

Accredited Carpet Care Expert

Cleaning Technicians Earn Professional Certification in Bermuda

ORLANDO, FL, December 11, 2020 — This week individuals on the island of Bermuda advanced their professional knowledge by attending a 9 hour, Accredited Cleaning Technician certification course, via remote learning.

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The sessions were facilitated by the Department of Workforce Development, Government of Bermuda, (Allen Richardson), Atlantic Cleaning & Maintenance, LTD. (Allen Ferreira), and Connectech Coding (Coral Wells) in conjunction with the Academy of Cleaning Excellence (ACE).

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These highly engaging, professional learning modules were taught over 3 afternoons, 3 hours each via LIVE remote instruction led by a 45 year veteran of the commercial cleaning industry and director of ACE.

Students asked questions, engaged in quizzes, and received numerous live demonstrations of professional practices and procedures designed to provide safe, healthy outcomes within the facilities they will service.

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Each learner then passed a 30 point exam on their way to earning an Accredited Cleaning Technician certification from the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

For more information about this initiative in Bermuda, please contact; Allen Richardson, Training & Assessment Officer, Government of Bermuda. Department of Workforce Development, Hamilton, Bermuda

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The Academy of Cleaning Excellence provides professional development education to the cleaning industry, through motivational sessions, eLearning and engaging LIVE classes throughout the U.S. and around the world.

The most valuable asset an operation has is an engaged employee.

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