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Floor savers strike again!

True Health, a regional healthcare facility recently installed new VCT flooring and the typical wisdom was to put down chair mats for the rolling office chairs. It was quickly noted that the mats moved on the VCT and they were not the best solution.

After some consultation with the facility maintenance manager, it was suggested that the CasterTire Floor Savers from Expanded Technologies would be a ‘best practice’ approach. Here are some pics of them putting them on and how they fit on the chairs. We will update you later after they have had them in place for a while to see how they are doing for True Health.

Facilities Maintenance Technician, Mr. Thomas Vasquez installing the CasterTire Floor Savers
Mr. Glen Brathwaite installing CasterTire Floor Savers
CasterTire Savers will not mark the floor, so no need for a chair mat.
10 covers go on each chair.

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