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Communication Skills

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One of the most important skills necessary to run a profitable cleaning company is communication.

 Whether it’s talking with customers, prospective customers, lost customers or employees, the ability to communicate appropriately for the situation is a teachable skill and possibly the most important one to possess.

Your cleaning business isn’t only about cleaning,

it’s truly a people business.

Without strong communicating skills, an owner will have difficulty getting information and training to employees, making presentations to prospective buyers, resolving difficult situations as well as issues, and ultimately will fall behind as the competition soars past.

Knowing what to say and when to say it are skills which are developed with time and experience. When an owner comes into the business with strong people skills, this shortens the “learning curve” to effective communication.

Whether it’s employee praise, reprimand, soothing an upset customer, congratulating an employee for a job well done, the ability to use the right tool (text, email, phone, in person) to deliver the right message is a skill worth the time invested to develop.

Never Stop Learning

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Cleaning business owners who invest in industry education will always have an advantage over owners who don’t. Professional development never stops for those who are moving their operations forward.

Certifications, continuing education credits, local workshops, seminars, national conventions, online learning are all ways owners can stay on top of the important trends and changes in the industry.

A favorite saying from a wise mentor applies to the Cleaning Industry

“If you do business today the way you did business yesterday, you won’t be here tomorrow” 

~Richard Flint

One necessity in the industry is automation for your business. Automation saves money, time and increases productivity. From industry software to general financial accounting software, to individual tablet devices, today’s growing cleaning companies have to be at the forefront of technology and use the systems that can automate almost every operation.

Many small companies or startups, hesitate to get on board with automation for one of 2 reasons. Either they don’t know what is available to them and are unsure how to use it or they hesitate making the investment in technology that they need to save money. In the end, they are costing their companies more money because systems and processes are antiquated and out of date causing lower productivity and increased labor costs.

Build a Foundation First

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Think about building a business as you would a home. The builder starts with the foundation first. It must be solid and pass inspection before the next layer can be put in place.

They never put the roof on before the foundation is set and the same in your business; create the basic operation, systems and processes before launching marketing and advertising.

Putting together an organizational chart with job descriptions at various revenue levels will help the owner see what the needs will be at different levels and make them plan ahead to fill the roles.

Without written systems in place a business is not prepared for growth. Operating without a clear plan in place has been the downfall of many businesses. Business owners owe it to themselves and their businesses to take the time to build the foundation, systems and processes in order to maximize profits and grow their businesses into sustainable entities.

Know Your End Game

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It’s impossible to reach your goals when you don’t have any in place. Going day to day without a clear vision of what you want to achieve makes it impossible see progress and motivate yourself to reach the goal post. What’s your vision for your future personally and for your business. Where do you see it in 3 years-5 years-10 years and how do you plan to exit your business?

Your goals must be crystal clear and are best when put in writing, before you start your business and reviewed annually. If you write them down manually and post them where you can see them, you will be reminded daily of where you are heading. This exercise helps curb distractions.

Goal setting doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. The simpler the better. There should be goals for each of the 3 essentials elements described earlier. Ask yourself questions about each element that will describe how you want your business to look.

Understand What it Takes to Run a Profitable Cleaning Company

There are many necessary aspects to starting and growing a profitable cleaning company that include “must have” skills and traits before success happens.

Most entrepreneurs have some commonalities in thinking that separates them from others who are happy working for someone else.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you ready to run a great race?

Whether you are just in the first stages of being an entrepreneur,

in your first year or

wanting to hone your skills and improve your operations position in the business world,

Sharon’s messages will inspire thought and motivation.

Here is the outline of her first course.

  1. Know Your End Game 

  2. Build a Foundation First 

  3. Stay Focused 

  4. Never Stop Learning

  5. Communication Skills

Follow this link to the FREEBIE course from Sharon Cowan, CBSE.

Be Inspiring! ISSA/CMI Master Certification

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Individuals for this class come from all areas of the United States and from around the globe.  You never know who may inspire you with what they know and what you may learn from each other.

“The future is won by those creating the future…and not the ones trying to maintain the status quo.”

Instructor; David Thompson, Director of the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

Mr. Thompson is an ISSA/CMI Accredited Certification Trainer with experiences as a K-12 custodian, Building Services Contractor (BSC), cleaning consultant and has been educating frontline service personnel for over 4 decades.

 “I am a Janitor and I Save Lives”

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Are You Using the Right Tools? ISSA/CMI Master Certification

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