Communication Skills

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One of the most important skills necessary to run a profitable cleaning company is communication.

 Whether it’s talking with customers, prospective customers, lost customers or employees, the ability to communicate appropriately for the situation is a teachable skill and possibly the most important one to possess.

Your cleaning business isn’t only about cleaning,

it’s truly a people business.

Without strong communicating skills, an owner will have difficulty getting information and training to employees, making presentations to prospective buyers, resolving difficult situations as well as issues, and ultimately will fall behind as the competition soars past.

Knowing what to say and when to say it are skills which are developed with time and experience. When an owner comes into the business with strong people skills, this shortens the “learning curve” to effective communication.

Whether it’s employee praise, reprimand, soothing an upset customer, congratulating an employee for a job well done, the ability to use the right tool (text, email, phone, in person) to deliver the right message is a skill worth the time invested to develop.

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