Podcast live updates

We have not gotten all of the recent podcasts up during this crisis time, however, we have been doing them. So here is a list of the last few for you to enjoy.

BCWG S4:E17 Graeme Marsh from Z-Bioscience joins Dave talking about probiotic cleaning.

BCWG S4:E18 Dave is taking questions LIVE every afternoon at 1 PM Eastern.

BCWG S4:E19 Dr. Aaron joins Dave this afternoon talking about COVID and behaviors.

BCWG S4:E20 Ask Dave is LIVE with Bill Fellows taking questions about safety and infection prevention.

BCWG S4:E22 Dave is LIVE on a Sunday afternoon – IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO IT RIGHT!

BCWG S4:E23 Dave talks about First Responder Monday, what to do to protect yourself.

BCWG S4:E24 Ask Dave – talking about certifications, protocols, chemical 

BCWG S4:E25 Dave is LIVE explaining the Rock Star Custodian Motivational Program


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