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October Podcast with Dr. Aaron Buchko – motivating & changing habits

Dr. Aaron Buchko has signed on to be a regular on our show and first of all, we want to say THANK YOU.

Aaron is a professor at Bradley University and during this conversation with Dave, he speaks about the classroom and cleaning from his perspective.  How the changes in the classroom affect him and his student’s ability to both teach and learn.

If you thought that you as a custodian, janitor, cleaner, technician or whatever you want to call us, didn’t have an impact, listen to this.

You will also want to listen to the end of the show to find out what the guys have to say about “Changing Habits”, driving a different way and the Dutch Owens classic.

Don’t forget that voting for the Rock Star Custodian for 2019 is now open and the twelve finalists have over 85,000 votes so far.  Go to www.RockStarCustodian.com


You can reach Aaron at [email protected]

You can reach Dave at [email protected]


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