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Care and Maintenance of Microfiber Cleaning Products

If the towel/wiper/pad becomes too dirty, it will also begin to “streak”. It is then time to wash the towel. This is easily done by just throwing the towel, or any other microfiber cleaning product, into any washing machine and laundering with any soap or detergent you prefer.

A word of caution here; experience tells me you should be careful of the additives in our detergent as they tend to build up in the microfiber, reducing its’ ability to perform as intended. The other restriction in the wash cycle is to NEVER use any type of FABRIC SOFTENER.

The towel will treat the fabric softener as if it was dirt. It will try to store the tiny particles of the softener in the towel fibers and may cause the towel to be less effective. The use of any POLISHES will result in the same issues.

Microfiber does not MOVE the dirt or dust. It actually tries to trap it, and this means a microfiber product will “fill up” periodically. This dirt and dust is released in water and soap. Soap helps release the greasy part of the build-up. If the fiber is being used with water, it must be rinsed and wrung out periodically for best performance.

Remember, the microfiber is trying to trap and remove dirt and dust, and it should not be used to mop a whole floor or clean a whole room. The skill comes with knowing when to change out or rinse out the microfiber tool.

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