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Cleaning Rock Stars in Florida Schools

Last week, the Florida Schools Plant Management Association held this years annual conference in Orlando.
The Academy of Cleaning Excellence presented two separate sessions on Wednesday of the event.
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“How to be a Rock Star Custodian”


” How to Create a Rock Star Family”

The material for these sessions was taken from the book,

“Who Swings Your Mop” by Michael Ward.

Follow us on the Podcast to listen to the other 3 supervisory level presentations from the 2018 FSPMA Conference.

Personal Issues in Your Staff?

2. Is the employee experiencing personal problems?
If an employee is experiencing personal problems, make sure your source of this information ONLY comes from the employee.
Do NOT use gossip or hearsay when dealing with these situations.
If they just want you to know that they are going through
a tough time with a spouse, then you should recommend counseling or an Employee Assistance Program, if one is provided.
Next month you can see this complete presentation at the FSPMA conference in Orlando.
You can view the first session FREE here.

Building a Rock Star Family

This week we will be talking to the Lead or Head Custodians at K-12 schools.  These messages are from Michael Ward and his book, “Who Swings Your Mop”.
Observe and Report vs. Mandate and Dictate
What that means is; If you notice something not being done correctly,  you must document and  report it to your supervisor
Do not threaten that YOU are going to write someone up!  Your goal is to work with your supervisor to help your staff deal with issues.
You need to be asking yourself the following 7 questions,
when gathering information to report to your supervisor.

Next month you can see this complete presentation at the FSPMA conference in Orlando.

You can view the first session FREE here.


MRSA & Schools

People can carry MRSA and not have any symptoms. These “carriers” can also transmit the bacteria to other people.  School is in session this week and we all need to be vigilant in our efforts.
MRSA can be easily spread through skin-to-skin contact and by touching contaminated items. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures to help reduce the spread of MRSA using these practical steps.
• Scrub up – Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds – the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice – or use an alcohol-based hand rub sanitizer.
• Wipe it down – Use a hospital-grade disinfectant with a MRSA kill-claim to disinfect hard surfaces. Make sure to use clean cloths to avoid spreading MRSA from one surface to another.
• Cover your cuts – Keep any nicks or wounds covered with a clean, dry bandage until healed.
• Keep to yourself – Do not share personal items, like towels or razors, that encounter bare skin.


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