Before You Buy Another Auto Scrubber….Read This First!

There is a new dawn upon us! The newest innovation in the cleaning industry, The Kaivac Battery Powered AutoVac, is here! This new machine will revolutionize the way you view efficiency, as this new product is considered to rival auto scrubbers in speed and effectiveness. Unlike auto scrubbers, which use multiple steps to properly clean the floor the new AutoVac can do it all in one easy pass, including going up stairs. Its very simple design doesn’t require special technicians to maintain. It can even be transported in a small car, unlike any autoscrubber, which requires at least a truck and a forklift.

This AutoVac can do all of the following and more, unlike an auto scrubber that can only clean a floor:

  • Strip and finish floors
  • Pick up salt
  • Clean restrooms
  • Remove dirt
  • Extract grease

This machine is very easy to use and simple to master. Requiring only a few minutes to explain the procedure, unlike auto scrubbers which require costly onsite training to just get the basics. The initial cost is much lower for this Autovac and has a much shorter downtime than any auto scrubber, because all the parts are extremely durable and can be shipped by UPS/Fed Ex overnight when needed.

The KaiVac AutoVac is truly an ineradicable tool and can do so much more than other machines of its type.


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