Number One Way To Clean!

Tersano has created an incredible and inventive way to clean! You will no longer need chemicals, which means no more breathing in harsh fumes and no more high costs to maintain your facilities. Instead, imagine using ozone to clean. The lotus Pro uses a two step process to combine cold tap water and electrified oxygen and is able to produce  800- 1600 gallons of ozone. Ozone is effective for cleaning, disinfecting at a 99% rate, and deodorizing most surfaces.

No Chemicals: This process doesn’t contain any chemicals only water. It is 50 times more effective than bleach and leaves no residue on the surface after cleaning making ozone perfect for use on carpets, floors, counters, desks and glass.

No Residue: Cleaning without leaving residue is key in schools and day cares were children will be at play. Simply wipe the surface with ozone and it will be completely safe.

Cost Savings: Using ozone instead of chemicals can reduce costs up to 50% to clean your facilities.

Environmental: This process uses no chemicals, only water and oxygen, making it 100% Eco friendly and after 4- 24 hours, the solution of ozone turns back into water and oxygen.


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