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Beyond Clean Podcast – English/Spanish

You asked for a Podcast version of our show,

so here it is.

Over the last few weeks, you might have listened to some of them.

This week, Angel Cruz, Academy Bilingual instructor,  and Everett Johnson ll , Beyond Clean editor are talking to you about the programs and options available here.

Take a listen.





A.C.E. Carpet Care Expert Class – Lakeland, FL

This past week, two individuals earned their A.C.E. Carpet Care Expert buttons during a class at our Lakeland, FL. Learning Center.

Expedita Bernal, who is only 6 months into owning her new cleaning services and Kathie Dube, a veteran of the cleaning industry, learned about Healthy, Positive and Progressive attributes of soft floor care in the 21st Century.

img_0132 img_0133 img_0134Be sure to check the A.C.E. Education Schedule for 2017 to find a class on the subject you would like to attend.

Class Instructors: Angel Cruz and David Thompson