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Certified Environmental Services Technician

One professionally educated, properly equipped
housekeeper or custodian
can prevent more infections
than a room full of doctors can cure!

To be proactive in the face of illnesses, the staff must know how to;

  • Recognize the symptoms, and then take steps to contain the issue.
  • Remove the potentially infected person from contact with others.
  • Once it is recognized to be an outbreak of a threatening infection, insure that proper steps are taken according to established protocol.


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Ensuring The Efficacy Of Disinfectants

Darrel Hicks will be in Orlando the week of July 17-21, instructing an ISSA/CITS Certified EVS Technician and Leadership course to those who are looking to advance their knowledge, skills and proficiency.  See the details here.

Here is a recent article written by Mr. Hicks and published in Facility Cleaning Decisions.fireChair

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) might make the job of cleaning and disinfecting much more difficult for those in the business of providing clean and sanitary public spaces. Managers in the know may have already read the report, but not all realize how it relates to a hospital, medical facility, ambulatory, or long-term care center.

It is common knowledge that antimicrobial pesticides are designed to destroy or suppress harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on inanimate objects and surfaces in healthcare settings. – See more at: http://www.cleanlink.com/hs/article/Ensuring-The-Efficacy-Of-Disinfectants–20820#sthash.SZ55w4m8.dpuf