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streaming LIVe 3 podcasts this coming week

We will be streaming LIVE, 3 episodes of Beyond Clean this coming week, Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Jude Charles is a story-driven filmmaker, brand strategist & speaker. For over 13 years, Jude has traveled the world, crafting stories for world-class brands such as Google & Steve Harvey. Through his Dramatic Demonstration of Proof™ process, Jude helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs bring their story to life. He lives and breathes YOUR brand. He digs deep to find the compelling story that no one else knows & then leverages it for higher impact.

Jude Charles is first on Monday at 2 PM Eastern. https://www.podbean.com/lsw/beyondcleanwithace/s-L0eNtJrcwN

Dr. Buchko is a professor of Management at Bradley University and a regular contributor to the show. Aaron always has an interesting insight into people and behaviors and just published his second book, Performance Based Strategy. When it comes to insights, you have come to the right podcast!

Dr. Aaron Buchko will be LIVE with us again on Thursday afternoon, 2 PM Eastern: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/beyondcleanwithace/s-05P6HGdsld

Mr. Fellows will be a regular contributor in 2020 and will talk about safety and healthy cleaning. Be sure to have a few questions for Bill. He is currently an assessor for ISSA – CIMS & CIMS-GB certification, a verifier for CMI training courses and training centers, and a third-party custodial effectiveness auditor of buildings applying for or being re-certified in the LEED standard through USGBC.

On Friday at 11 AM Eastern, Bill Fellows will be with us LIVE: https://www.podbean.com/lsw/beyondcleanwithace/s-15RpFaAuDq

BCWA S3:E18 Brian Consolino is on with Dave to talk about what Jan/San distributors can expect when they partner with the Academy.

Over the last two years, Brian and Atlanta MRO Supply have been partnered with the Academy and have had some great experiences.  Brian talks about the most recent one, the Rock Star Custodian program.
Some sessions with the Academy have been LIVE and in person at a few Atlanta locations, while others have been utilizing technology and the web.
Listen as the two tell you what you can expect to get when you join the ACE family of regional campuses.

Contact Brian at brian.consolino@atlmro.com

Contact Dave at dthompson@academyofcleaning.com

Engage the Academy at www.AcademyofCleaning.com