BCWG S3:E25 Aaron Buchko is back talking about technology and the need for salespeople to utilize it to communicate value.

In this episode, Aaron is talking about podcasting and technology in business and how people, especially salespeople in the cleaning industry, need to start using every avenue they can to communicate their value.

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Dr. Aaron Buchko is a professor of management in the Foster College of Business, Bradley University, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in Planning and Strategy and graduate courses in Executive Development and Business Ethics.

He lives in Peoria, Illinois with his wife, Dr. Kathy Buchko, a counseling psychologist, their daughter, Alex, and son Andrej. In his spare time, he is an avid fly fisherman, hockey player, and coach, motorcyclist, reader, and is a student of U.S. history, particularly for the period from 1840-1940.

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BCWG S3:E24 Bill Fellows talks about chemicals, safety, and his life’s motivation.

Patty and Bill Fellows

Bill Fellows is on the show for the first time, and it won’t be the last as he has signed up to be on the show every month in 2020.  

Bill Fellows started his career in the cleaning industry over 53 years ago, February 1966.  Bill’s experience includes working as a custodian, business owner, multi-site manager, international support person, ISO auditor, and consultant.  He is currently an assessor for ISSA – CIMS & CIMS-GB certification, a verifier for CMI training courses and training centers, and a third-party custodial effectiveness auditor of buildings applying for or being re-certified in the LEED standard through USGBC.  Along with his wife Patty, they operate Fellows Custodial Consulting, LLC, providing training and consulting services for existing cleaning organizations and assists individuals in starting new custodial businesses.

Patty & Bill Fellows

Making Cleaning Organizations and Their People Better!

615.606.6056 Patty

410.530.8545 Bill



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Podcast – BCWG S3:E23 Allan Langer talks about his view of the Seven Secrets to professional sales.

 Seven Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less

1.  Make the Switch

2.  The Helping Percentage

3.  Body of Evidence

4.  Selling Socially

5.  Stories are 1000 Pictures

6.  Crack the Window

7.  Show the Price

Sales reps are trained to just make the sale. That’s it. They’re never trained to help a customer. -Allan Langer

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My ideal client is the sales rep who could be average, could be struggling, could be good, but they all want to increase their sales. -Allan Langer

  • A- Animate, which means get going, start.
  • C- Calibrate, calibrate yourself. Stop once a week and actually figure out if you’re on the right track. If you’re doing things that are heading in the right direction.
  • M-Motivate, obviously you had to figure out how to motivate yourself and what motivates you.
  • A- Adulate is the last one. And that means when you do something that you’re proud of, reward yourself. Take yourself to dinner, buy yourself a bottle of wine. Don’t just pretend that’s like, “Okay, that’s just part of my day”. Actually, reward yourself.

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One week ago today, a newborn daughter lost her father.

One week ago today, a newlywed wife lost her husband.

One week ago today, a man lost his life.


All of this happened because of cleaning chemicals.  Yes, it was an accident, but it was a preventable one.  Two chemicals, an acid used for descaling dishwashers was spilled on the floor and not cleaned up.  The floor was then mopped with a chlorinated product.  You might think this doesn’t happen often, but in 2017 it did over 2200 times.

The two mixed together and a deadly gas was created.  13 people went to the hospital and one never left.

You can read more about what happened last week here and learn what not to do.

The Academy has many classes throughout the year, and in all of them, we focus on the safety of the frontline worker.  Please consider attending a professional development course and help keep accidents like this from happening.

You can find a listing of all classes, dates, times and outlines here.



ACE Frontline Series 110 Classroom Cleaning

This course is a basic introduction on how to process, clean and disinfect a classroom. There are many variables depending on the grade being taught in the classroom, so use this as basic instruction for a new or substitute technician.


BCWA S3:E18 Brian Consolino is on with Dave to talk about what Jan/San distributors can expect when they partner with the Academy.

Over the last two years, Brian and Atlanta MRO Supply have been partnered with the Academy and have had some great experiences.  Brian talks about the most recent one, the Rock Star Custodian program.
Some sessions with the Academy have been LIVE and in person at a few Atlanta locations, while others have been utilizing technology and the web.
Listen as the two tell you what you can expect to get when you join the ACE family of regional campuses.

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Mike Seebeck and Dave talk about FSPMA, distributors and the Academy


Mike Seebeck with Earthlabs/HDOX and Dave with the Academy of Cleaning Excellence were both in the GEM Supply booth at the FSPMA conference this week in Orlando, FL.  The two guys talk to distributors around the country as to the benefits of professional development and partnering with operations such as GEM Supply.

The Rock Star series of motivational sessions was on Mikes’s mind as he attended a couple of sessions and then applied the thought processes while on the show floor.

You and reach the Academy of Cleaning Excellence at www.AcademyofCleaning.com or email us at education@academyofcleaning.com

Mike can be reached at mike@hdoxinfo.com