Post Construction cleaning & finishing of new vct flooring

A short course with a step-by-step video demonstration of basics for initial cleaning, prepping and finishing of new vinyl composition tile (VCT) after construction is over and before traffic starts. This video course is narrated by the instructor of the Academy as you watch him use the equipment, chemicals and tools in the process.

Cleaning Technicians Earn Professional Certification in Bermuda

ORLANDO, FL, December 11, 2020 — This week individuals on the island of Bermuda advanced their professional knowledge by attending a 9 hour, Accredited Cleaning Technician certification course, via remote learning. The sessions were facilitated by the Department of Workforce Development, Government of Bermuda, (Allen Richardson), Atlantic Cleaning & Maintenance, LTD. (Allen Ferreira), and Connectech…

Misunderstood, Misused, or Just Plain Misleading?

These are just some of the questions the general public are asking when it comes to the health of indoor environments when it comes to the terms that the majority of organizations and individuals within them are using in their marketing during this COVID pandemic. For professionals in the cleaning industry, it is very clear…

Beyond Clean with ace podcasts 42-50

BCWA S4:E42 Mike and Dave talk about what clients want to see when going back to a restaurant. BCWA S4:E43 Sean and Dave talk cleaning, floors, carpet, social distancing and gardening. BCWA S4:E44 Dr. Whiteley talks about COVID and international response via the cleaning industry. BCWA S4:E45 Steve Hanson talks about residential vs commercial cleaning….