Florida International University Testimonial

It’s so important to invest in your team in all aspects. My Team and I just completed 3 days of training from the Academy of Cleaning Excellence with Dave Thompson and we all were very pleased with the outcome.

Professional development is crucial in all organizations. It gives you a chance to evaluate your operations and determines what areas you need to make improvements on.

I’m very thankful Dave was able to take some time out of his busy schedule to put this floor care training program for my staff.

He was engaging, and personable, and provided hands-on skills training to use in our daily operation.

Plus, he made himself available to address any area we had concerns about. This training was another great addition we have in our toolbox to give us the opportunity to improve our service and achieve better results in our operation.

Marie-Flor Meneus * Asst. Director Physical Plant #fiu #professionaldevelopment


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