Masterclass of Cleaning

Hundreds of individuals have taken a course or two with the Academy, and we THANK YOU! Coming up the week of October 25-28, we are holding this year’s Master Certification class here in Orlando.

If you are open to four (4) days of intense learning & skills training that will set a different tone for you in 2023, register NOW!  

This MASTERCLASS will be engaging, enlightening, and motivational.  

  • Rock Star Custodian Mastermind
  • Generational Communications
  • How to Deal with Client Issues
  • Getting to Your WOW
  • Healthy & Green Practices
  • Facility Maintenance Bidding/Budgeting
  • Rock Star Masterclass Skills on
    • Restroom Decontamination
    • Infection Prevention 2023
    • Multi-Surface Floor Care & Maintenance

This Masterclass is limited to the first 8 students.

Classes are product agnostic, designed to inform frontline technicians, supervisors, managers, and owners alike on what has and is changing for 2023 & beyond. 


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