One week ago today, a newborn daughter lost her father.

One week ago today, a newlywed wife lost her husband.

One week ago today, a man lost his life.


All of this happened because of cleaning chemicals.  Yes, it was an accident, but it was a preventable one.  Two chemicals, an acid used for descaling dishwashers was spilled on the floor and not cleaned up.  The floor was then mopped with a chlorinated product.  You might think this doesn’t happen often, but in 2017 it did over 2200 times.

The two mixed together and a deadly gas was created.  13 people went to the hospital and one never left.

You can read more about what happened last week here and learn what not to do.

The Academy has many classes throughout the year, and in all of them, we focus on the safety of the frontline worker.  Please consider attending a professional development course and help keep accidents like this from happening.

You can find a listing of all classes, dates, times and outlines here.



ACE Frontline Series 110 Classroom Cleaning

This course is a basic introduction on how to process, clean and disinfect a classroom. There are many variables depending on the grade being taught in the classroom, so use this as basic instruction for a new or substitute technician.


BCWA S3:E18 Brian Consolino is on with Dave to talk about what Jan/San distributors can expect when they partner with the Academy.

Over the last two years, Brian and Atlanta MRO Supply have been partnered with the Academy and have had some great experiences.  Brian talks about the most recent one, the Rock Star Custodian program.
Some sessions with the Academy have been LIVE and in person at a few Atlanta locations, while others have been utilizing technology and the web.
Listen as the two tell you what you can expect to get when you join the ACE family of regional campuses.

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Mike Seebeck and Dave talk about FSPMA, distributors and the Academy


Mike Seebeck with Earthlabs/HDOX and Dave with the Academy of Cleaning Excellence were both in the GEM Supply booth at the FSPMA conference this week in Orlando, FL.  The two guys talk to distributors around the country as to the benefits of professional development and partnering with operations such as GEM Supply.

The Rock Star series of motivational sessions was on Mikes’s mind as he attended a couple of sessions and then applied the thought processes while on the show floor.

You and reach the Academy of Cleaning Excellence at or email us at

Mike can be reached at

October Podcast with Dr. Aaron Buchko – motivating & changing habits

Dr. Aaron Buchko has signed on to be a regular on our show and first of all, we want to say THANK YOU.

Aaron is a professor at Bradley University and during this conversation with Dave, he speaks about the classroom and cleaning from his perspective.  How the changes in the classroom affect him and his student’s ability to both teach and learn.

If you thought that you as a custodian, janitor, cleaner, technician or whatever you want to call us, didn’t have an impact, listen to this.

You will also want to listen to the end of the show to find out what the guys have to say about “Changing Habits”, driving a different way and the Dutch Owens classic.

Don’t forget that voting for the Rock Star Custodian for 2019 is now open and the twelve finalists have over 85,000 votes so far.  Go to


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October Classes at the Academy

It’s now Fall in the U.S. and with October only days away, so comes the class schedule for the remaining 3 months of 2019.

Classes for October are limited as we are working several conferences, presenting the Rock Star program.

Classes are;

  • Cleaning Technician 101
  • How to Clean, Polish and Restore Resilient Floors
  • Job Bidding & Workloading

You can find the complete schedule, fees and times by following this link;

S3:E15 – Dan Wagner with Triple S talks about the “Power of Why”

Dan says that once we understand the why to cleaning, that then creates the passion for obtaining the end result.

He goes on to explain the Triple S program he presents as, “The Power of Clean.”  That has now become the “Power of Why.”

They talk about the 22, ACE regional campuses around the U.S., most of which are Triple S members.  You can now get the Academy professional development the two are talking about from almost anywhere across the U.S.

Did you know that Dan and his wife both gave up being lawyers?

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Voting for Rock Star Custodian is now OPEN!

During this year as the Academy of Cleaning Excellence presented the Rock Star program around the country, nominations have been received from across the nation. The 12 finalists have been announced and now it is your turn to vote.

In order to get to this point, the individual who nominated them had a nine (9) point qualification dashboard to follow, based on the Rock Star Custodian program.

Please read what they have to say about their nominee and vote.

There is only one vote per person.

“The future is won by those creating the future…and not the ones trying to maintain the status quo.”