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Terrazzo Floor Care Training

Richard from First Baptist Church of Winter Park, FL attended a floor care class earlier this year.  Last night, the crew was challenged with their first real test and the Academy was there to walk them through the steps on  how to top strip and refinish their 5,000 sq. ft. of terrazzo floor.  

A 14″x 20″ oscillating scrubber with red cushion pad, a Maroon floor pad and water was used to top strip.  The removed finish was picked up with an auto-scrubber, red pad and water.  Several passes were made to rinse the floor.  A microfiber flat mop was used to detail the edges and the terrazzo was ready for finish.

Two coats of Z-495 were applied.  Richard & crew did a bang up job for their first time.  Even laying finish didn’t seem to slow them down.  After a few days, they will certainly be ACE Experts.

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Top Stripping Terrazzo Hall
Top Stripping Terrazzo Hall
Top Stripping with Water
Top Stripping with Water
Terrazzo Stripped Clean
Terrazzo Stripped Clean
Richard Laying the Second Coat
Richard Laying the Second Coat
Second Coat of Z495
Second Coat of Z495

Academy of Cleaning Excellence – Expert Class

Today’s Floor Care Expert Class Location – Lakeland, FL.

  • What can save my operation 40% of the normal floor finish I use to maintain VCT floors?
  • What can help keep 90% of dry soil from my polished floor surfaces?
  • How much should I invest to make more profit on my floor care services?

Samuel Sr. and his son Sam, said that they invested in this day of education to learn how to make more money for the work they do.  Sam said that he has not spent this much time sitting, not working and so happy to do so, that he will be coming to other A.C.E. Academy of Cleaning Excellence classes in 2017.

Both men walked out with their new certificates and smiles on their faces with answers to questions they didn’t even know they were going to ask.

  • What do you want to learn?
  • Come to a class and ask your questions.  You can’t get an answer any other way.

Choose from our weekly LIVE classes here.

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