Beyond Clean with ace podcasts 42-50

BCWA S4:E42 Mike and Dave talk about what clients want to see when going back to a restaurant.

BCWA S4:E43 Sean and Dave talk cleaning, floors, carpet, social distancing and gardening.

BCWA S4:E44 Dr. Whiteley talks about COVID and international response via the cleaning industry.

BCWA S4:E45 Steve Hanson talks about residential vs commercial cleaning.

BCWA S4:E46 Christian Harris, located in London, England is here to talk about slippery, grimy floors and hygienically cleaning them.

BCWA S4:E47 Douglas Henley has a few words on how a BSC excels during challenging times.

BCWA S4:E48 Bill Fellows is back talking about COVID, disinfectants and Safety Data Sheets.

BCWA S4:E49 Chris Tuff helps us understand how to effectively recruit, retain and motivate Millennials.

BCWA S4:E50 Sean Devore is back and the topic of masks and disinfecting floors is on our minds.


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