New Form of Disinfecting

In recent months we’ve had multiple contagious viruses arise such as Ebola and the Enterovirus D68 Virus, which was widespread throughout most schools of the US, making it extremely important to not only clean, but also disinfect the surfaces inside our buildings. The current Flu season also makes it more important to make sure your facilities are not only clean, but disinfected as well.

If you look at “Are You Really Disinfecting“, you’ll notice a couple of things. First, it is extremely difficult to truly disinfect a surface, especially in an area such as Florida. This is because of the hotter temperatures and more humidity in the air. The disinfectant will dry faster in that climate than in colder, less humid environments and to disinfect, the product must remain on a surface for the intended kill time, which on average is 10 minutes.  Second, the cost of labor to have someone disinfect an entire area is very high because he/she must continually ensure the chemical is remaining on the surface.

This leads to something that has been around for a couple of years, but has been underused – the Halo Disinfection Fogger.  This equipment is an extremely impressive product of innovation. It is capable of not only disinfecting a 10,000 square feet  room within an hour,  but it does it more effectively and efficiently than any cleaning crew by being able to get in the nooks and crannies of all surfaces without the need for supervision. This impressive device kills 99.99% of all bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi in a room. The only two requirements are that you place the machine in the room and turn it on and do not reenter the room until the machine is finished.


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