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Breaking the Chain of Infection

Wednesday | August 14 | 1PM ET

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In any workplace’s war against infection, the enemy is aggressive, and ever-changing. As viruses like C. diff, MRSA and VRE become more resistant, the proper cleaning tools and procedures are vitally important to eradicating outbreaks. Equally important is educating employees on their need to follow specific cleaning protocols to break the chain of infection. If not, germs spread, bacteria mutate, and building occupants contribute to the problem with poor hygiene habits. The need to develop a battle plan – and recruit customers, end users and occupants to join the fight – is stronger than ever.

This webcast provides an in-depth understanding of universal practices and methods for combating the spread of infection in a variety of settings. The result: a healthier working environment for building occupants, increased morale, reduced absenteeism and greater productivity. The Webcast details:

  • Considerations specific to various types of facilities: schools, health care, hospitality, offices, etc.
  • Why these facilities are breeding grounds for infections
  • Ways to reduce MRSA, influenza and the common cold
  • Cleaning and disinfecting common touch-points, such as door knobs, keyboards, light switches, hand rails, etc.
  • Promoting and practicing proper hand washing
Hicks Darrel Hicks
Author & Consultant
Zudonyi Corinne Zudonyi
Facility Cleaning Decisionsmagazine

Breaking the Chain of Infection


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