Ozone, the cleaning change we can live with…By Don Tracy, A.C.E., Gem Supply Company

Nobody likes change……

Someone once said…”nothing is constant but change”

So here’s a change, I believe is long overdue and should revolutionize the way we clean buildings.

 Aqueous Ozone Cleaning”

Aqueous ozone (the process of turning water into a powerful cleaner) has been used commercially for over a century and is now widely used to sanitize drinking water, fresh produce, beverage bottles, swimming pools and surgical instruments.  Because of its power, purity and regulatory approvals, aqueous ozone is the sanitizer of choice for the bottled water industry.

Ozone is readily found in nature. Lightning can create it,  and it is needed in our atmosphere to maintain balance. Remember the fresh “storm smell” you may have experienced after a summer thunder storm, that was ozone. We have used it to get rid of odors in the air for years.  It (Ozone) is now able to be stabilized in a water solution for up to 24 hours without dissipation, and used to clean and sanitize any surface, not affected by water.

I believe this system of cleaning is about to change our industry for the better.

Remember when…….

o   Machine technology, coupled with floor care products?  …..changed and made more efficient the processes we now use to keep our floors protected and beautiful.

o   the introduction of package-sealed soap systems, originally introduced back in the 80’s? ……..changed forever the dispensing of hand cleaners.

o   Microfiber was introduced for wiping surfaces? ……. changed and improved our cleaning processes dramatically.

All were “game changers” for the Jan-San industry.  Much has been written regarding the effect of ozone, but not on a cleaning level.  Ozone, when properly controlled and infused into water becomes a powerful cleaner, by oxidizing all bacteria and organic soil it contacts.  The challenge, up to this point in time, has been how to stabilize it in an aqueous solution.  Ozone generation has been used and accepted to eliminate odors in the air for years. So we understand it’s attributes. However there have been many companies, who have tried to introduce it into aqueous cleaning, and fell short due to the short life cycle of the ozone molecule.

Recently great strides have been made to keep it stable in water for up to 24 hours, which makes a wonderful cleaner for any type of surface, not affected by water.Imagine the freshness of ozone cleaning working in a restroom, locker room, or health club. Schools and Universities are implementing this process daily. Hospitals are using it to clean non-critical areas, with remarkable success. You can smell the “freshness” of areas cleaned without harsh chemicals, and feel confident knowing they are sanitized and clean.  Workers will no longer have to be negatively affected by the fumes or irritating skin problems associated with the use of harsh chemicals.  Allergies and asthma are triggered by the introduction of cleaning chemicals into the closed indoor environment.  When properly used, Ozone cleaning has none of those negative traits.

Ozone cleaning is as close to truly GREEN cleaning as I have ever witnessed.  It has finally been proven to work in solution and for those looking for an alternative to the “same ole, same ole” . This is the “next best thing”.  For the first time a building could be advertised as  cleaned with chemical-free cleaning processes only”.   Properly implemented these processes could save budgets, and be widely used to promote and market the healthiness of the buildings.

I see no down-side, other than large chemical companies trying to dissuade.

Believe me, I have made my career on selling chemicals and I understand their vested interest in continuing to use their products.

There will still be areas which will need chemical additives, but a new age is coming.

Having spent over 30 years of cleaning, training and selling within this industry, I believe this is the next great change in the way we look at “clean buildings”.

It will take time to be accepted, but those who understand and research the process, will be far ahead of the others, who say it will never work.

“Clean well, live long and stay healthy”

Don Tracy can be contacted at DTracy@gemsupply.net or by leaving a reply on this Blog.



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