BCWG S4:E11 Jerry Pavlic is here talking equipment; small, conventional and robotics.

Jerry Pavlic is an Equipment Division Manager at Brady Industries.  His experience is as an equipment specialist over the last 5 years.

Jerry talks with Dave about service, parts, consulting and the advancement of robotics when it comes to equipment.

His advice is to ask questions, lots of them.  Especially when it comes to the batteries in your powered equipment.

Reach out to Jerry via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/restoremyfloor2019/

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BCWG S4:E10 Bill and Dave talk about Coronavirus, PPE, chemical safety, process and outcomes.

Bill Fellows contributes each month and today we talked about proper PPE and procedures when using chemicals.  Proper gloves, goggles and the right type of mask are the hot items when using chemicals safely.

With coronavirus on everyone’s mind, Bill and Dave talked about procedures and measuring outcomes as well.

They both talked about the upcoming Clean Buildings Expo in Baltimore, March 16-18;  https://mailchi.mp/academyofcleaning/cleanbuildingsexporockstar


Contact Bill Fellows: Bill@BillFellows.com

Contact Dave Thompson: dthompson@academyofcleaning.com

Be sure to join Darrel Hicks as the Academy host a class on the web; Coronavirus and the P’s to Save LIFE….https://www.eventbrite.com/e/coronavirus-four-ps-to-save-lives-22720-virtual-classroom-tickets-48173436044

JAR Cleaning graduates

11 individuals from JAR Cleaning in St. Cloud, FL just graduated as Accredited Carpet Care Experts after a day of engaging with the Academy of Cleaning Excellence. GEM Supply hosted the class where they were able to learn proactive measures in the healthy maintenance of carpeted flooring.

When will you be sending your staff to a professional development class at the Academy? Here is the class schedule:


BCWG S4:E8 Ryan Roghaar talks about the BREAD method in building quality business relationships. Oh, and Spain too!

Ryan Roghaar

Ryan Roghaar teaches those who work remotely and those who hire them how to better work together.

In this episode, we talk mainly about the BREAD method.  

  • Build
  • Research
  • Engage
  • Action
  • Delight

And don’t forget, UFC – Up Front Conversations

Listen and get the inside story on how to use this when building your professional business relationship.

Ryan’s Podcast is EGGS

Eggs is a podcast that centers around creativity in all forms. From building businesses, personal projects and constructing brands to crafting music empires, finding social fame, fortune and more—we discuss whatever, whenever, with whomever in search of patterns, expertise, shared experience, and knowledge.

You can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanroghaar/

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BCWG S4:E7 Sean DeVore is talking carpet, carpet tiles and adhesives.

Today the guys are talking about broadloom carpet, carpet tiles, backings, adhesives and maintenance of these types of flooring materials.

Listen to see what is said about hot water extraction, pile lifters, hi and low pH cleaning chemicals and what is “best practices”.

If you have questions, or just want to join in on the conversation, mark it down on your calendars and join in.

The first Monday of each month Sean will be with us at 11 AM Eastern, LIVE on the air.

Sean DeVore: sean_devore@mannington.com

Dave Thompson: dthompson@academyofcleaning.com