The Facts Behind The Cleaning Industry

Kevin Keeler, a cleaning professional in the industry for 30 years, brought to my attention an important aspect of our industry. In his article, “Home Guarding the Treasures in 2015”,  he states, “I still hear from cleaners, supervisors and managers that they don’t feel appreciated for their efforts”.  This is a hard fact to accept in the cleaning industry considering the type of tasks accomplished and the hard work, energy and time given by these professionals.


The truth is, some people don’t understand how valuable their custodians and janitors are to their business. Even with the mass amount of change that has happened in the industry, such as improved products, new and more efficient tools and machines, the amount of effort and dedication required to accomplish their tasks remains the same. This group of professionals are the guardians of the facility; they are the people who keep customers, employees and guests safe from diseases and injuries.  Without them, the infrastructure and productivity of companies would crumble. The word janitor comes from the Roman god who guarded the treasures for the rest of the gods and custodian means keeper or guardian. So as you go through your daily work, remember these professionals are vital in keeping our companies moving forward.