Top 4 Green Cleaning Products

Customers’ desire for green cleaning has recently grown and become a major focus for companies wanting to improve their reputations.  To be sure you are performing green cleaning, look for products that are green seal certified.

green seal
Green Seal for Carpet Care and Indoor Air Quality
earth care 2
This seal is for any products that help provide a better environment for all.








The Triple S EarthCare seal indicates that a product meets “green” standards established by a recognized 3rd party organization such as Green Seal, USGBC or the EPA.  The seal can also mean the product offers significant features that contribute to the preservation and sustainability of a healthy environment. These seals are not given lightly. To ensure their prestige, they are only granted to products which perform to the 3rd party standards in multiple tests.
If you are interested in going green with your cleaning, the daily cleaning products described below can be a great start. They are all leading products in their respective categories.

General all purpose cleaning: Hyper Speed is a low toxic, hydrogen peroxide all purpose cleaner that was designed to address the concerns of daily housekeeping professionals.  This product cleans most surfaces including windows, walls, floors, showers/tubs, toilet bowls/urinals tile and grout.

Glass Cleaner: Sunray is an eco-friendly product that is non-ammoniated. It’s non-streaking, non-smearing and quick drying formula cleans and shines most washable surfaces such as glass, mirrors, sinks, counter tops and stainless steel.

Restroom Cleaner: Green Wave is designed to clean away soap scum, hard water deposits, rust stains, body oils and dirt. It is ready-to-use and requires no dilution, making it hassle free.

Degreaser: Maverick is non-flammable, non-toxic and contains no solvents. It’s recommended use is for heavy-duty degreasing, industrial cleaning and cleaning food service areas.

How to Motivate Your Employees

For the first time, in-house facility managers are faced with the challenge of overseeing four generations of employees in the workplace: Traditionalists (born before 1946), Baby Boomers (born from 1946 to 1964), Generation X (born from 1965 to 1980), and Millennials (born after 1980). Understanding the differences between the generations is critical if custodial executives want to build a successful, multigenerational department.

Although the older generation is reaching the age of retirement, a significant amount of them are staying in the work force or returning as part time employees out of necessity. This has caused us to see large gaps in the age ranges that are in the workforce.

According to industry consultants, this new work dynamic can lead to friction when the attitudes and work ethics of different generations clash.

According to Ralph Peterson, training manager for Healthcare Services Group Inc. “They don’t know how to treat each other, and there’s often a lack of respect from both sides. But the good news about these generations, is they really can work together well. They understand the mission, and they have no problem working hard. You just have to understand, they all have different triggers.”

To understand these “triggers”, the best place to start is with each generation’s strengths, characteristics, work habits, and motivation to help form an effective plan to motivate your employees.

The Traditionalists were raised during the great depression, and as a result, they learned how to work hard and have a commitment to a company. “Traditionalists” are no strangers to hard work and long hours, and have respect for authority within the company.

Baby Boomers are the optimists of the generations and believe hard work will lead to self growth. This group is effective in groups, but can not be relied on if conflict arises. Similar to the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers look for job security and stability; something they can ride out until they retire. The majority of these groups are comfortable working 50-60 hours and this is their main value.

Generation X is a goal oriented group that is accustomed to multitasking and are familiar with technology. They work well in teams and are looking for job security like their parents.

The Millennials require a lot of attention; they are used to getting praised for their work at home. This generation is very straightforward with their ideas and are always looking to improve procedures through their tech savvy ways.

Having all of these diverse generations can be a blessing and a curse in one. On one hand, you have massive availability to knowledge and different ways of thinking, allowing for innovation and optimization in the workforce. On the other hand, you have to find a way to connect these groups. While they can work together, it is difficult to create a bridge to fill the gap between these four generations. This requires giving customized instructions for each group. If you give a Traditional or a Baby Boomer a job and say “This needs to be done because I said so” you will receive positive feedback, but for the younger generations of Gen Xers and Millennials, they want to know the reason(s) for the task they are being asked to perform.

A manager looking to succeed in managing a multigenerational workforce must be mindful of the diversity of their work force, while applying incentives for these different generations to use their skills to work toward common goals.

Lowering Prices is Not The Solution

The survival of any business depends on Customers. So what is the best way to attract customers? Some would say, lowering the price of your products is the correct answer; however, instead of gaining customers, this can actually cause you to lose them by either making your company look cheap creating a price war with your competitors. In a price war, there is no winners because, potential revenue is lost by all companies involved.

A friend of mine had this exact experience. He had a car washing business that was thriving in the urban part of town, when he was charging  $40 for a full detail and wax. Because of his success, he considered expanding the business into a wealthier part of town. He researched what products his competitors were using and the prices they were charging, and he found they were charging close to $100 for the same services, using the same products. Expecting great success, he expanded and continued charging $40 for his services. To his surprise he wasn’t getting much business, which didn’t make sense to him because he was charging less than half of his competitors price. He decided to increase his price to $110 in this part of town, which resulted in him getting more business than he could handle.

Increasing business by raising prices may not make sense unless you understand the idea of perception. No matter the price of your product, as long as your customers perceive that its worth the price, they will pay it. In the previous example to the wealthier part of town a $40 detail and wax seemed cheap and therefore was perceived to be an inferior service, even though there was no difference between the two.

World's Most Expensive Screensaver
“I Am Rich” App

The next example involves the most expensive app ever created for the I Phone  called “I Am Rich”. This app was just a screen with a black background and a red gem in the center (see the picture) and sold for $999.99, but did nothing! (Even more amazingly this app was sold 8 times before being pulled, because someone clicked to purchase it to see what would happen and didn’t know his wife enabled one click purchase(or so he says)).

Why were people willing to pay $999.99 for an app that did nothing? It leads back to the customers’ perception and which customer group you to attract. This product, for example, was marketed to people who just wanted to show off that they could spend a thousand dollars and not care.

As shown with these examples, cutting prices isn’t the best way to promote your products. Instead, find a way to create increased value of the product for your customers to warrant the current price charged. A great example of adding value to a product can be seen through the debate between Apple and Samsung. Although Samsung has a clearly superior operating system and phone specs, I Phone sales are higher than Samsung in the U.S. even though both companies charge fairly the same amount. I Phone has created a perception of higher value with the ineradicable attribute of their “Eco System”, which is the way customers of Apple can connect and sync their data across all their Apple products. This perceived value in Apple products enables them to remain competitive in the U.S. despite having an inferior device in most other ways.

To gain their trust and earn their repeat business, go the extra mile to give customers a positive experience during and after their purchase. It is much easier and less expensive to keep a customer than gain a new one.


Before You Buy Another Auto Scrubber….Read This First!

There is a new dawn upon us! The newest innovation in the cleaning industry, The Kaivac Battery Powered AutoVac, is here! This new machine will revolutionize the way you view efficiency, as this new product is considered to rival auto scrubbers in speed and effectiveness. Unlike auto scrubbers, which use multiple steps to properly clean the floor the new AutoVac can do it all in one easy pass, including going up stairs. Its very simple design doesn’t require special technicians to maintain. It can even be transported in a small car, unlike any autoscrubber, which requires at least a truck and a forklift.

This AutoVac can do all of the following and more, unlike an auto scrubber that can only clean a floor:

  • Strip and finish floors
  • Pick up salt
  • Clean restrooms
  • Remove dirt
  • Extract grease

This machine is very easy to use and simple to master. Requiring only a few minutes to explain the procedure, unlike auto scrubbers which require costly onsite training to just get the basics. The initial cost is much lower for this Autovac and has a much shorter downtime than any auto scrubber, because all the parts are extremely durable and can be shipped by UPS/Fed Ex overnight when needed.

The KaiVac AutoVac is truly an ineradicable tool and can do so much more than other machines of its type.