Products that are effective against Ebola!

While Ebola is a highly infectious, enveloped virus, it is believed to be susceptible to a broad range of hospital disinfectants.

Within the CDC’s article “Interim Guidance for Environmental Infection Control in Hospitals for Ebola Virus,” there are currently no products that have a “specific label claims against the Ebola virus.” The CDC continues to to emphasis that a chosen product to combat The Ebola Virus should have a “Kill Claim” of less then 5 minutes. The reason for this recommendation is  a fairly simple one of surfaces don’t stay wet long enough to disinfect when using more common disinfectants. Triple S offers multiple products with a “non-enveloped Virus” Claim, but only one has a claim time of under 5 minutes and that is Perisept, which has a claim of 2 minutes.

This is not to say there aren’t other products that we supply that have the same ability to satisfy the clams of the CDC and have a Dwell time of less then 5 minutes. But many of these other products are bleach based, which brings forward many acknowledged problems. Some of these are they don’t clean, leaves residue, requires rinsing, is corrosive, damages fabrics and the list just continues.

Further, of all the products with a claim of less than 5 minutes, virtually none of them carry a claim for C-diff!  Perisept is an excellent choice for healthcare facilities because it carries all the claims recommended by the CDC for both Ebola and C-Diff, and has a very short dwell-time requirement.



  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website
  • Tom Windham