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Saturday – Cleaning Tech 101

You Asked…We Listened


On May 18th, 2019 from 8 AM – 3 PM, we will be instructing our Cleaning Technician 101 course.  This day will be filled with classroom education and hands-on time with equipment and tools basic to our industry.

CLICK HERE to get more information and sign up.  Seats are limited for this special engagement so sign up early.


ISSA Master Technician Class – 2019


Find the scheduled class which fits your time frame, HERE.

Lead – Don’t Follow! ISSA/CMI Master Certification

“The future is won by those creating the future…and not the ones trying to maintain the status quo.”

Professional Development Education for the Cleaning Industry

Certifying All Levels of Employment

Empowering Staff to Earn Respect


Listen to “The Value of a Master Certification with Jason Moore”


Register NOW for your $300 discount.

Be Inspiring! ISSA/CMI Master Certification

 “I would recommend this class to any new employee, mid-level and executive level managers, as it will open your eyes and mind to see how our field impact the lives of others every day.”

Pascale – Miami, FL

This event is hosted by;


Be sure to sign up early as the class size is limited. 

Individuals for this class come from all areas of the United States and from around the globe.  You never know who may inspire you with what they know and what you may learn from each other.

“The future is won by those creating the future…and not the ones trying to maintain the status quo.”

Instructor; David Thompson, Director of the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

Mr. Thompson is an ISSA/CMI Accredited Certification Trainer with experiences as a K-12 custodian, Building Services Contractor (BSC), cleaning consultant and has been educating frontline service personnel for over 4 decades.

 “I am a Janitor and I Save Lives”

Register NOW for the $300 discount.

Are You Using the Right Tools? ISSA/CMI Master Certification

If you currently use these tools, then listen to what Walt has to say.

My message to anyone in the industry would be to go! If you care about what you do and why you’re doing it, this is not an option for you! Dave’s course is packed with so much knowledge and things to take away you get what you pay for and then some! I can’t wait to return and learn more in the future!”

Walt – Plum Borough School District/PA.

Early Registration until September 2, 2018 – a $300 discount

Who should attend?

Frontline Staff

Supervisory Staff

Management Staff 


Department Managers

Building Service Contractors

Your Schedule at the A.C.E. Academy of Cleaning Excellence:

  • Monday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Tuesday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Wednesday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • Thursday, 8:00 am – 12 Noon*


Register here now, for your $300 discount.

Educate – Certify – Empower – ISSA Master Certification

“Your information on Risk Management is a totally new way of thinking for me. Everything comes back to health.” Cindee – Boone, N.C.

“I wanted to develop personally during this class.  Now I know how to also help my staff develop professionally as well.” John- Kennesaw, GA.

Whether you are new to the industry or a veteran, this ISSA/CMI Masters certification class is guaranteed to give you up to date techniques and technology that you can use within your business.

Be ready to change your mindset!

 Have you found yourself in charge of a department you know nothing about?

Just moved into a position where the staff knows more than you?

Are you now inspecting work and have no idea as to the “how’s” and “why’s”?

Register here now, for your $300 discount.

Academy of Cleaning Excellence – Expert Class

Today’s Floor Care Expert Class Location – Lakeland, FL.

  • What can save my operation 40% of the normal floor finish I use to maintain VCT floors?
  • What can help keep 90% of dry soil from my polished floor surfaces?
  • How much should I invest to make more profit on my floor care services?

Samuel Sr. and his son Sam, said that they invested in this day of education to learn how to make more money for the work they do.  Sam said that he has not spent this much time sitting, not working and so happy to do so, that he will be coming to other A.C.E. Academy of Cleaning Excellence classes in 2017.

Both men walked out with their new certificates and smiles on their faces with answers to questions they didn’t even know they were going to ask.

  • What do you want to learn?
  • Come to a class and ask your questions.  You can’t get an answer any other way.

Choose from our weekly LIVE classes here.

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A.C.E. Carpet Care Expert Class – Lakeland, FL

This past week, two individuals earned their A.C.E. Carpet Care Expert buttons during a class at our Lakeland, FL. Learning Center.

Expedita Bernal, who is only 6 months into owning her new cleaning services and Kathie Dube, a veteran of the cleaning industry, learned about Healthy, Positive and Progressive attributes of soft floor care in the 21st Century.

img_0132 img_0133 img_0134Be sure to check the A.C.E. Education Schedule for 2017 to find a class on the subject you would like to attend.

Class Instructors: Angel Cruz and David Thompson

Six Facility Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Use

Six Facility Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Use

Springtime means storm season for most areas of the country. Spring storms can create facility challenges, such as entry-way cleanliness and safety issues, water damage, and more. To help you with these seasonal weather-related facility challenges, we’ve developed a few tips for facility managers and cleaning contractors to help ensure that your facility is clean and safe for building occupants.

1. Freshen up facility appearance: To maintain the building and to improve the appearance of your facility overall, take time to address small maintenance issues such as changing light bulbs, touching-up paint, and replacing entry-way matting.

2. Entryway Safety: Springtime brings storms and wet weather conditions which can create safety hazards for building occupants. Be sure to invest in new matting systems or clean existing matting at all building entrances and exits. Spring is also a good time to perform floor care equipment maintenance, or if appropriate, invest in new floor care equipment that will address spring cleaning challenges. For example, wet-dry vacuums or air-movers are important to keep entryways safe and dry. Additionally, make sure your facility has enough “caution wet-floor” signs to use at entrances and exits during rain and storms to minimize slips and falls.

3. Focus on flooring: Winter weather can really take a toll on your facility’s floors. Restore your hard floors and grouted tile in the spring by cleaning them with cylindrical brush floor scrubbers. When it comes to restoring carpeting, deep-clean carpets with moisture-controlled carpet extractors to bring the fabric back to its original beauty. This deep-cleaning process also helps to extend the longevity of your facility’s flooring assets, and can delay expensive replacement costs.

4. Deep-Clean Restrooms: The Spring is the perfect time to consider implementing a no-touch deep cleaning system for restrooms that effectively removes built-up soils by sanitizing all restroom surfaces and fixtures.

5. Maintain and Clean air conditioning units: To lower your energy bills and ensure the best indoor air quality (IAQ) for building occupants, facility managers should complete a comprehensive A/C coil cleaning service. Completing regular A/C coil cleaning removes dirt, grime and built-up sludge from A/C units which can improve IAQ, lower energy bills and extend the life of air conditioning units.

6. Begin Using Environmentally-friendly Products and Cleaning Practices: According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 84% of U.S. adults prefer to do business with a company that uses environmentally-friendly products and practices. Be sure to select products that meet the requirements of the EPA’s Designed for the Environment Program (DfE) for safer chemistry, or Green Seal certified products. What’s more, businesses can implement green cleaning methods such as the use of low-moisture dilution control chemical dispensers on hard-floor automatic-scrubbers, moisture- controlled carpet extractors that reduce moisture and improve carpet drying-times, and switch to reusable mops or surface wipes to limit environmental impact.

Tips provided by CFR Corp.